Every time anyone asked me what I wanted to become; I only had one answer – I wanted to be an actor!

Well it is easier said than done … years of patience, keeping the fire burning inside for the love of the craft, honing my skills, controlling my insecurities, going through days of self-doubt & introspection, coming out of that crashing down feeling, because well … the stars have to really align to get that one project .. that empowers you to deliver the best.

I came to this beautiful industry with no backing, knowing fully well that every film that I do has to be a hit or get acclaim for me to survive. Along the way, met mentors who I can truly call my guardian angels. Nikkhil Advani you are my guiding light .. you believed in me .. you told me I to have faith in myself and you gave me #Vedaa!

I don’t know if I would be so confident and energised to prove myself if I didn’t have you and this special film with me. The entire team at

Zee studios and Emmay Entertainment : thank you for making me a part of this incredibly creative place which I now call my family. John : thank you for everything. You are the baap of action and you have been my North Star through the filming. I’m glad I can now reach out to you and take your advice on almost everything

I live to fight another day because of you guys. I live to dream another day because of you. I promise I will not let you down.

Thank you everyone for the love. It’s overwhelming to see the teaser of #Vedaa trending at No 1! It’s surreal. I always wanted my journey to kickstart … and here it begins

See you in cinemas on July 12



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