Harshvarrdhan Kapoor Is All Wits As He Shuts Down Trolls On Social Media

Harshvarrdhan Kapoor Is All Wits As He Shuts Down Trolls On Social Media

In the realm of social media, where celebrities often face criticism and relentless trolling, there are a few individuals who choose to tackle negativity head-on. With his unconventional approach, Harshvarrdhan Kapoor recently showed how humour and wit can be used to deflate negativity in the virtual world. Known to be a huge sneakers fan and collector, Harshvarrdhan recently posted a video of him unboxing his new pair of sneakers, captioning it Very special unboxing today”


Commenting on the video, one user spared no mercy to comment on his privileges by asking him, “Who pays for this?? Anil or anand @harshvarrdhankapoor”

Rather than getting overwhelmed or upset by online trolling, the actor unleashed his quick wit to deliver witty comeback that effectively shut down the troll by replying, “@sameer922000 neither.. I’m in a secret relationship with a very rich woman from Dubai she’s married and stuff but madly in love with me .. she pays for all this the secret has now […]”

Harshvarrdhan is currently preparing for the biopic on ace shooter Abhinav Bindra. He will be seen playing the titular character with a passionate and committed performance on screen soon.



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