Mrs.Undercover Review: Radhika Apte stuck in Zee5 from Netflix, women empowerment in Mrs. Undercover

Mrs.Undercover Review: Radhika Apte stuck in Zee5 from Netflix, women empowerment in Mrs. Undercover

After two years, it will be 20 years since Marathi Mulgi Radhika Apte entered cinema. She has been a favorite actress of Netflix, but be it OTT or cinema, here everyone salutes the rising sun. Radhika Apte’s last film ‘Vikram Vedha’ (Hindi) was released in theatres, her work in that was also not much. He also got a chance to do memorable work in the films ‘Raat Akeli Hai’ and ‘Monica O My Darling’ released on OTT. But, ‘Vikram Vedha’ didn’t even ask for water at the box office. Out of the remaining two OTT films, one turned out to be a fuss and in the other, the limelight was looted. Radhika Apte needs a strong film these days, such that she is in awe of her heart. They also have the guts to surprise the audience with their characters but they are not getting such stories now. While watching ‘Mrs Undercover’, her character of ‘Ahalya’ keeps roaming in my mind again and again, maybe it is because of her background in Kolkata.

comic thriller film try
The film ‘Mrs. Undercover’ tries to be a comic thriller film. Agreed that such a film which has mystery and thrill but in between there are also attempts to make the audience laugh and tickle. In Hindi cinema, director Brij has made amazing comic thriller films like ‘Victoria No. 203’ and ‘Chor Mera Kaam’. The issue is similar to that of the film ‘Mrs. Undercover’. Here Rajesh Sharma has got a chance to play prankster like Pran. He heads the Special Task Force and is on the lookout for his forgotten undercover agent when a ‘common man’ is killing young girls across town just because he doesn’t like the idea of women’s empowerment. That is, if a girl talks in front of him about equal rights, education or making her identity on her own, then she is sure to die. If the police does not seem to be doing anything, then this special task force like NIA has come out to catch him. This ‘common man’ has also killed all the agents of the force. The Chief’s search ends when it is revealed that one of his agents, trained as a Task Force agent 12 years ago, is living a happy family life in Kolkata.

Faltering story in takeoff itself
Radhika Apte is playing the role of this agent in the film ‘Mrs. Undercover’. She serves the old mother-in-law and father-in-law at home. She does all the preparations to send her husband to office on time. She also helps the son with homework etc. Now the task force has to take him out of this illusion and put him to real work. The story, screenplay and dialogues of the film ‘Mrs. Undercover’ are all written by its director Anushree Mehta. And, this is the weakest link of this film. To bring the story to the center point, she does not show it happening, but its characters tell it all by saying. Mistakes in takeoff This film tries to recover after getting its flight but there is no such thing as mystery in the film from the beginning. Who is the murderer? Anushree opens the matter in the very beginning. Now the whole film is about how will it be caught by the undercover agent Durga?

film dreaming of sequel
Director Anushree Mehta also expresses that she is confident of her film being a hit, but the fact is that the film could not even reach the theaters and it has been rescued by the OTT G5, on which no It’s been a long time since this type of film was released. The idea of the film ‘Mrs. Undercover’ is good and if a capable screenwriter had put his mind to it, it could have turned out to be a good film as well, but here the case has not settled because of a clown-like task force chief and his undercover agent. The harmony in the middle is not even like a gimmick. Comedy is made when both of them reconcile, but there is no laughter in it. As far as the thrill is concerned, the climax of the film has dragged on for so long that it loses its fun.

Radhika and Sumit did not insist
The film ‘Mrs. Undercover’ is such a film with actress Radhika Apte in the lead role, in which she does not see any development as an actress. Radhika Apte could have done wonders in the role of Durga, an undercover agent who sees her own action scenes like James Bond in her dreams, if the film’s script, direction and some of its co-actors were in style and she showed something special in this character. Would you have Like Rajesh Sharma, Sumit Vyas too seems to be trying his best to save the film. But, his performance as a villain is below average. The whole character of a cold-blooded murderer gets shattered when he comes and commits a crime in his own house.

supporting cast
In terms of acting, better work than Radhika, Sumit and Rajesh has been done by the supporting actors of the film ‘Mrs Undercover’, Sahab Chatterjee and Roshni Bhattacharya, at least in their roles. Looking at Radhika, Sumit and Rajesh, it seems as if all three have finished just one more film. The technical team has also not shown any special skill in the film ‘Mrs. Undercover’, which needs to be said and heard separately to appreciate it.


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