Naseeruddin Shah calls ‘Welcome Back’ as ‘Goodbye Again’, netizens are furious

These days Naseeruddin Shah is making headlines for his statements more than his films. The actor is busy promoting his web series ‘Taj: Divided by Blood’. Naseeruddin in his recent interview talked about several issues prevailing in the film industry. Be it stars not reacting to wrestlers’ performance at Jantar Mantar or the hatred of Muslims in the country, he became a part of headlines highlighting these issues. However, Naseeruddin has become a victim of tremendous trolls due to one of his statements.

Naseeruddin Shah was recently talking about his character in his web series ‘The Taj: Divided by Blood’. Meanwhile, he made a blunder by calling Anees Bazmee’s film ‘Welcome Back’ completely irrelevant, which left everyone laughing. The actor was asked how much he believes in adapting himself to his film characters, to which he replied, “If I were to become the character I played in Goodbye Again, it would have been whatever it was called.” Whereas ‘Welcome back’, then it would mean that I would have to go blind.

The audience burst into laughter as Naseeruddin casually referred to his film as ‘Goodbye Again’ and paused to remember the name. A Twitter user shared the clip on the social media platform saying, “Welcome Back was so bad, Naseeruddin Shah forgot the name of the film and called it Goodbye Again.”

Another user wrote, ‘He acted in Welcome Back and then his wife worked in Anees Bazmee’s next film. I don’t know why both decided to do it. Taking a dig at Naseeruddin, another user wrote, “He has a long history of acting in terrible films and acting worse than the scripted role.”

Naseeruddin Shah also got the support of one of his fans. The user tweeted and wrote, ‘Naseeruddin must have done these characters due to financial constraints.’ As said in one of the answers, bhai ghar bhi chalna hota.



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